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Re: Debian cd supporting ext4.

Sthu Deus put forth on 7/26/2010 6:00 AM:
> Thank You for Your time and answer, Wolodja:
>> Why don't you just use the images provided by kmuto? They are exactly
>> what you are looking for. I don't get your resistence ...
> No any resistance absolutely! I think too that it is the thing I'm
> looking for. Just two important things remain for me w/ the solution:
> 1. If it is trustable/secure as the stable Debian (for for now all I
> have is just phrases like "believe me" w/ no any farther approval from
> the Debian project). In other words and including of all I have on that
> item is this: I can not make strong relationship of the author's work w/
> the Debian project - I have been told he is one of the developers but,
> searching for any info on him at the debian.org or a list of
> developers - was unsuccessful for me. So, I even can not check the fact
> as if he is still the Debian developer. Also, I do not know the Debian
> project developers opinion|accreditation on his this work (the CDs he
> makes).
> 2. I see that I still will need probably, to have /boot at ext3 - the
> thing I do not want, so I want to know a lot on this before I try to
> have ext4 again.

I've really been pondering the irony of your desires WRT ext4 this entire
thread.  The irony is:

1.  You're willing to possibly sacrifice your data to an unproven FS
2.  Yet, you're totally paranoid against an installation CD that isn't
"official" which will allow you to achieve [1].

News flash:  ext4 isn't "Official Debian" yet either.

Frankly I'm surprised people have continued to assist you, given that you
resist and fight their recommendations at every turn.

Let's see.  Applicable American phrases that come to mind:

1.  You can't have it both ways
2.  You can't have your cake and eat it too
3.  ...

You're not going to get any assurances.  No "official-ness".  You are
deliberately trying to do something outside of the official Debian Stable
distribution.  Why can you not get this through your thick skull?!?!  At least
a half dozen people have told you the same thing.

Now shut up and do what has been recommended, or use use ext3, or better yet,
XFS which is superior to all other Linux filesystems.

My apologies for being rude, but someone needed to slap you upside the head
and bring you to reality.


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