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Re: help needed in installing 3G+ usb modem

> Whenever I plug that modem in a usb slot, it first acts as if it was a mass
> storage device. Nothing wrong with this, have I been told : the data space
> contains programs for MSWIN install. The device must therefore be switched
> so as to be reckognized as a modem, which may be done using various means.
> You need "usb-modeswitch" and "comgt" packages. None of them were on my
> system, nor were they available in the 'Hardy' repositories, so I went
> fetching them as .deb packages meant for a more recent distro. They seemed
> to have installed flawlessly. However, I can't get any result.

Check my email "How to get Bell Canada 3G USB network up?" from july
9. I posted the script that works for my modem, maybe you can adapt it
for yours.

Although I'm still stuck trying to get ppp to work for my modem, I'm
now on my way trying HSO (feedback welcome).


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