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Re: help needed in installing 3G+ usb modem

Bernard wrote at 2010-07-15 14:09 -0500:
> At first, I don't know how to launch usb_modeswitch. It may be that
> it is supposed to work automatically. In any case, my usbmodem does
> not switch from storage to modem. The man page is really poor, as it
> does not explain what you must exactly write in your statement :
>    usb-modeswitch [-hvpVPmMrdHn] [-c filename]

> Nowhere was it written that you had to specify a default
> vendor/product.

Later in the man page, see -v and -p options.

> lsusb says :
>    Bus 007 Device 007: ID 19d2:2000

I googled "19d2:2000" and got this; perhaps it will help you:

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