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Re: GPG / GMail

On 13/06/10 10:49 PM, Steve Fishpaste wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 12:16:16PM -0400, H.S. uttered:
>> On 13/06/10 02:24 AM, Steve Fishpaste wrote:
>>> On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 01:46:32PM -0400, H.S. uttered:
>>>> replying! If you wanted to reply to the OP, you should have done that
>>                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>> instead of replying to me. I am not sure which email client you are
>>> Yes you jumped in like an AOLer with your "Me To" comment, adding
>> I don't think you really understood what I meant by explaining how it is
>> impossible for *me* to jump in *your* reply and change its recipient or
>> references, unless you are were explicit replying to me (I can rephrase
>> it further if you still don't get it). Point being, you stated that you
>> were conversing with the OP and that I jumped in the middle, which is
>> impossible, but I just followed the thread accordingly.
>>> nothing of significant value to this thread. 
>> ... why in the world did you reply to me instead of carrying on the
>> conversation with the OP? Can you show me where you actually responded
>> to the OP?* (not really sure what an AOLer is, and quite sure it is not
>> relevant for me to look it up anyway).
> <shaking head> Never mind; It's over your head.
>>> Oh and since it seems it's too difficult for you to determine my
>>> user-agent header, I'm using mutt.
>> * That is a sane mail reader, wonder if you are using thread view in it.
>> My suspicion is, not.
> Geezus you really have no clue! LOL

The progression of this sub-thread is quite detrimental to the quality
of this list. So, let me apologize for any misunderstanding or mistakes
on my part.



Please reply to this list only. I read this list on its corresponding
newsgroup on gmane.org. Replies sent to my email address are just
filtered to a folder in my mailbox and get periodically deleted without
ever having been read.

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