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Re: GPG / GMail

On 13/06/10 02:24 AM, Steve Fishpaste wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 01:46:32PM -0400, H.S. uttered:
>> replying! If you wanted to reply to the OP, you should have done that
>> instead of replying to me. I am not sure which email client you are
> Yes you jumped in like an AOLer with your "Me To" comment, adding

I don't think you really understood what I meant by explaining how it is
impossible for *me* to jump in *your* reply and change its recipient or
references, unless you are were explicit replying to me (I can rephrase
it further if you still don't get it). Point being, you stated that you
were conversing with the OP and that I jumped in the middle, which is
impossible, but I just followed the thread accordingly.

> nothing of significant value to this thread. 

... why in the world did you reply to me instead of carrying on the
conversation with the OP? Can you show me where you actually responded
to the OP?* (not really sure what an AOLer is, and quite sure it is not
relevant for me to look it up anyway).

> Oh and since it seems it's too difficult for you to determine my
> user-agent header, I'm using mutt.

* That is a sane mail reader, wonder if you are using thread view in it.
My suspicion is, not.


Please reply to this list only. I read this list on its corresponding
newsgroup on gmane.org. Replies sent to my email address are just
filtered to a folder in my mailbox and get periodically deleted without
ever having been read.

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