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Re: GPG / GMail

On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 10:59:44PM -0400, H.S. uttered:

[ ...]

> I realize that, I use both. But I think I already made that clear.

I don't think very much was clear. Anyway you have our suggestions.

> > So what's the problem? <shrug>
> Okay, I will rephrase what I already mentioned in a different way. The
> problem is two folds.
> 1: The users I have in mind do not use these clients. Also, they are of
> the demography which cannot be made to switch without a lot of
> difficulty. In fact, in some cases, the user is not likely to switch at all.
> 2: The users use various web mails which cannot be read via the mail
> clients.
> FireGPG was a pretty neat extension which got around both these problems.

So is engimail; I can't see them having any more difficulty in setting
it up then any other extension. <shrug>

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