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Re: lilo removal in squeeze (or, "please test grub2")

2010/5/23  <briand@aracnet.com>:

> Furthermore asking people to test it is not exactly a minor request.
> When it doesn't work you get to break out the rescue disk and go
> through some relatively painful work to recover.  I know, because I had
> to do it.

Make it less painful: keep your old menu.lst and use super grub disk.
It'll find it in seconds. Barely slower than booting with a non-broken
bootloader ;-)

> I for one would really appreciate it if the lilo maintainer could write
> just a little bit about the scope of work required to fix it (to this
> list). It would be a real shame if lilo goes away.

Is it, by the way, true that using LILO allows you to put /boot on LVM?

Frank Van Damme
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