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Re: Fwd: Re: Kde 3.5 ...

Dotan Cohen schreef:
On 10 May 2010 14:37, steef <debian.linux@home.nl> wrote:
Dotan Cohen schreef:
where is the copy-files option in 'edit', dolphin in kde4.x (in 3.5 edit>
copy files in konqueror) or did my old eyes look not sharp enough?

In KDE 4.4.2 I have Edit ->  Copy in both Dolphin and in Konqueror. Can
you send to me a screenshot of your Edit menu? What KDE version?

hi dotan:

that is not exactly what i mean: i was not clear enough: so another time:

i mean in kde 3.5 in the same row as 'copy' under 'edit' the 'copy files'
possibility that i cannot find back in kde4.x.x
i'll look at exact the version of kde 4.x.x later. this version of kde 4.x.x
is on another (non-production) machine with os debian_sid, up to date.

thanks for your answer,

kind regards,


What does "copy files" do then? Describe to me what it does and I will
see if Dolphin can do that, or if it is reasonable I will file a
feature request.
See http://www.lorentz.leidenuniv.nl/~sjoerd/files/schermafdruk.png.
Translation of the popup-box: "copy selected files in /home/sjoerd to:"


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