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Re: one website gives "address not found" from LAN

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
Joe put forth on 2/6/2010 6:08 AM:
Camaleón wrote:
2010/2/5 Joe:

(you forgot replying to the list)

Sorry. I use Icedove for mail and news, and I've yet to find out how to
make it reply to the list. I need to remember to copy and paste the
right address and I do occasionally forget. I take another debian list
as a newsgroup and there's no problem then.

It's in the Message drop down menu, or available in the right-click context menu
when you right-click a list message, in Win32 T-Bird 3.0.x.  If you're running
the latest version of IceDove I would think these options exist for you.

Prior to T-Bird 3.0 I used a community plugin for "reply-to-list".  The native
function works a bit better IMO.  If you don't have the native function, search
for "reply-to-list" in the Thunderbird plugins.  I've used both extensively and
they both work well.  The native version is faster and less of a kludge.

I've got the plug-in now, thanks, and Icedove on sid is at


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