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Re: problem whit optic fibre adapter (emulex LP952)

Marco Vaschetto put forth on 1/21/2010 4:29 AM:

> I want say tank you for your time,

You're welcome.  Like I said, sorry I wasn't of more help.

> and I have just a question but this is about the ESX, in my company we
> do testing about virtualization solution the machine whit the optic
> fibre must
> do a iSCSI server, my question is how you feel about ESX and do you have
> try ESXi ? I mean about the performance, in my company have do the

So, you want to connect to a FC SAN on the back end, and server iSCSI over GigE
on the front end?

> benchmark on the windows se 2k3 virtualized on xenserver but we wold
> like try ESXi and ESX witch one is better for you?

I've not played with ESXi.  My only experience is with ESX 2.5/3.0 on a IBM
Blade environment with Qlogic HBAs and mixed IBM FasTt and Nexsan storage
arrays.  The performance was quite good.


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