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Re: problem whit optic fibre adapter (emulex LP952)

Stan Hoeppner ha scritto:
This may point you in the right direction:

Looks like you might need to update the card's firmware, try it in another PCI-X
slot, or remove all the other PCI/X cards to see if there is a conflict.  I
don't have any direct experience with FC cards and Linux, only VMware ESX.  I
have seen situations where drivers fail when the card is not attached to a
switch.  Way back in the day I've seen SCSI drivers fail during boot if there
were no drives attached.  Goofy stuff.

I'm betting you're in a similar goofy situation.  That card and driver combo
appear to be finicky.

I try to take out all the pci device, but infect I never try to take out the pci array controller I hope the machine can start whit ide controller on-board

now I fix the problem of libfc before is missing now have in the new kernel but the problem still have.

Later try whit out a array controller pci my idea is finish.

anyone have some idea?


Marco Vaschetto

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