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Re: [debian-users] Integration of development tools


On Fri, Jan 01, 2010 at 10:38:23PM -0700, Ted Hilts wrote:
> I am looking for some advice regarding integration of tools for  
> development purposes.  I have obtained the following over the internet.:
> 1. All debian binary and source DVD ISOs (for the present stable  
> version) as the basis of a repository for binary and source code. I  
> blasted the binary ISOs onto DVDs in readiness to install a Debian  
> system (actually a dual boot system with Debian the primary system and  
> MS XP Pro the secondary system).  My difficulty here is regarding the  
> source code which I need for a SVN local system starting base as well as  
> a SVN update system geared to Debian releases. I am not sure if this is  
> the best way (I've been looking a tutorials) and if it is the best way  
> how to set up, access, and manage this whole subversion and websvn thing.

The latest Debian is not distributed in subversion.

Debian is binary based distribution and its source are not in a
single uniform VCS.  (We use VCS but distribution of source is basically
through tar.gz like format only as the SATNDARD method on our archive.
See http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth for our VCS usage.)

Each source package comes with debian/control file and it contains VCS
infprmation if available.  Some are git, svn, cvs, bzr, hg ....
(I see more Debian packages using git these days.)

If you have such good internat connection to download so much, why
bother? Just use first netinst CD to install system.  You can have
access to required source package and copy by using "apt-get source ..." after setting deb-src line.

If you just need readonly VCS access, it may be listed on PTS:

Upstream VCS info maybe in debian/copyright file etc.

I think it is time for you to read few basic documents on Debian.

As first time Debian user:
Installing Debian GNU/Linux via the Internet:
Debian GNU/Linux FAQ
Debian Reference (Especially package related section)

If you want to "Develop", you also need to read Developer info listed:

> 2.  Closer to the software development issue  I installed Anjuta ...

There is no single method.  Some use emacs, some use vim, and some use
IDE such as Anjuta.  This is not Debian issue.  You need to read manual
of each system.

As a novice learning program on Debian or Linix in general, just use
default gcc on your system.  Using other compilers are advanced topic.


PS: I am no good programmer but almost all good programers seem to use
emacs or vim as main tool while using IDE for some GUI program

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