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[debian-users] Integration of development tools

I am looking for some advice regarding integration of tools for development purposes. I have obtained the following over the internet.:

1. All debian binary and source DVD ISOs (for the present stable version) as the basis of a repository for binary and source code. I blasted the binary ISOs onto DVDs in readiness to install a Debian system (actually a dual boot system with Debian the primary system and MS XP Pro the secondary system). My difficulty here is regarding the source code which I need for a SVN local system starting base as well as a SVN update system geared to Debian releases. I am not sure if this is the best way (I've been looking a tutorials) and if it is the best way how to set up, access, and manage this whole subversion and websvn thing.

2. Closer to the software development issue I installed Anjuta and a Python consol but it seems by the literature that I should be using Eclipse in conjunction with Anjuta and Python in order to handle java variants and others. The only obvious thing is that I would need Anjutu based IDE for C and C++ compilation probably using gcc but apparently there are several c++ linux compilers and I don't know if Anjuta would work with them.. It seems that Linux development has evolved using several compilers and some compilations require specific versions for the binary to work. Apparently, this divergence is solved by the use of packages which resolve such issues. So it would seem that any development has to deal with a package even if the application is brand new. So I am assuming that Anjuta is a IDE designed to work with packages.

And advice, clarification or guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks -- Ted Hilts

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