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Re: email server-static IP

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Mon December 14 2009, Alan Chandler wrote:
Normally when you get a domain name, you should get the facility to edit
the name servers zone file for the domain.  You then point the MX
records where you like - just point it/them at this same static ip.

I've had my domain for.... quite a few years. I own it from Network Solutions for at least the next 10 years. I've always had a hosting company ( ok, so I used to run windows:) that TAKES CARE of that STUFF..
MX records have a priority and you can have several and point them at
different places so that you can have a backup server manage your mail.

I understand the concept, I used to do the DNS for AT&T in our own little subnet, adding machines & records, but that was 15 years ago... forgotten most of what I thought I knew..

if I dropped my domain hosting company, you are saying I would go back to network Solutions to get my MX records done? or my ISP...

Presumably Network Solutions.

I have Freeparking.co.uk look after my domains, and they provide me with a web interface to edit my domains dns zone file.

Freeparking are nothing to do with my ISP or a hosting company.

For another site I run, the site is hosted at Bluehost. I just released the domain name to them to run. They have pointed the mx records at the mail server they use (which is on the same box as my virtual host) although I don't do any more.

Alan Chandler

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