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Chromium OS on Virtualbox hangs


I am running Virtualbox 3.1 on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala i386 arch. I have created a virtual machine using a Chromium OS .vdi file as the hard disk.

Previously, I was not able to log in and was getting the message "Network not connected and offline login fail". I searched this up, and the problem was that my virtual interface was not in bridged fashion.

Once I configured it in bridged mode, now the error message does not come up, but the whole VM hangs. There is no blank screen or anything, it just hangs in the login screen after I enter my google user credentials and press "Enter". I have searched up a bit, but haven't been successful in solving *this* problem. Has anyone tried this? Any suggestions?

Thanks and Regards,
Hrishikesh Murali

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