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Re: email server-static IP

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Mon December 14 2009, Jon Dowland wrote:
If you run your mail on a dynamic IP you will probably find
many sites rejecting it -- it may be listed in a PBL such as
http://www.spamhaus.org/pbl/ (either now, or in the future).
I'd recommend relaying your outbound email via either your
ISPs smtp server or another one you have access to.

so, rather than using DynDNS, if I just go to my ISP and get a static IP, that will get me an MX record? Am I chasing all this because I don't have a static IP?

Normally when you get a domain name, you should get the facility to edit the name servers zone file for the domain. You then point the MX records where you like - just point it/them at this same static ip.

MX records have a priority and you canhave several and point them at different places so that you can have a backup server manage your mail. My domain managing company gives me at least two but I don't do that, I point them both at the same place, and despite my IP address ocassionally disappearing (it is dynamically allocated via dhcp and when it does change I have to manually change my nameserver records to correspond and then wait for it to propagate round the internet) mail for me generally just queues and gets sent when I appear back.

Alan Chandler

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