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Re: Will Debian accept a SATA to IDE hdd adapter?

Stan Hoeppner put forth on 12/3/2009 6:57 PM:
> Mark put forth on 12/3/2009 4:33 PM:
>> Curious if anyone has used something like this
>> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812119257 with
>> Lenny.  I have an old HP desktop running Lenny with 2 hdd: hda and hdb,
>> using IDE connections, with hda jumper set to Master and hdb set to
>> Slave.  Currently hdb is 80 gb and ext3 format on hdb1 partition, with
>> /etc/fstab having hdb1 mount into /wd80gb upon boot.  My plan is to
>> comment out that line in /etc/fstab, replace hdb with a 200 GB sata
>> drive and edit /etc/fstab accordingly.
>> Has anyone done something similar?  Just wanted to get tips ahead of
>> time in case Lenny doesn't like using one "real" IDE drive along with
>> one "adapted" IDE drive.
> For the money and compatibility you're probably better off going with an
> actual SATA controller instead of that Frankenstein adatper.  They're
> the same price.
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815104219
> I just ordered one of this PCI card and a 500GB WD drive for use in an
> old Intel 440BX system.  The parts haven't arrived yet, so I can't
> testify yet to how well it works.  However, the SiI 3112 is fully
> supported by libata and I anticipate no real problems.  I still have to
> compile a new kernel with the SATA driver as I only have the PIIX IDE
> driver currently.
> I'll update this thread or post new as to if/how well it works.

First, I found that my new PCI/SATA card is actually based on the
SiI3512 not the 3112.  Works just the same with the same sata_sil driver
though.  Had a few teething problems, as when I built a new kernel with
libata support, I forgot to enable scsi_disk support.  After figuring
this out I rebuilt another kernel, and everything is now working
flawlessly.  Copied everything over using 'cp -a' a directory at a time,
saving /var and other recent timestamp sensitive stuff for last.  I
didn't copy any of /dev over thinking the kernel would recreate all of
it on the fly.  The system failed to boot from the new disk, hanging
with a "could not open console" warning.  So, I copied /dev over and
/proc, and that did the trick.  The old drive is now disconnected from
the system and everything seems just fine at this point, albeit with an
extra 450GB I didn't have before and a nice speed boost.  The new drive
runs hdparm -t --direct at ~80MB/s.  The old drive did ~8MB/s (never ran
right in DMA mode).

I'm very happy with this migration, and I'm glad I didn't go with an
IDE/SATA adapter or just a 500GB IDE disk, as the onboard ATA chip would
only do ATA/66.


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