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Re: debian support and laptops

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 21:50:22 -0500
"Jeremy T. Bouse" <jeremy.bouse@undergrid.net> wrote:


> 	The SVM and VMX flags are only important if you are needing to do
> hardware virtualization. Running virtual machines has been available
> long before these extensions to the CPU came about. The only instance
> where you really *have* to have them (and you can't have them both
> anyway) is usually for running Windows under virtualization hypervisors
> like Xen. VMware can run Windows without it and I'm not certain about
> KVM as I haven't used it myself. In the few times I've tried running
> under hardware virtualization it seriously sucked in performance anyway.
>  I'd be more concerned about get a CPU that supported 64-bit so I could
> run the host in 64-bit mode and have the option to run virtuals in 32-
> or 64-bit.

Disclaimer: I have never done virtualization, so take everything I say
with a grain of salt.

I understand that some virtualization technologies don't require HW
support, but others do.  Since the OP stated that he wanted to do
virtualization, he should probably purchase a system with HW support,
to give himself the most flexibility, unless he's already certain which
technology he plans on using.

kvm requires CPU support. My understanding is that the performance of
qemu is much better when enhanced with kvm.  virtualbox can run without
HW support, but will / can utilize it if it's available.

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