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Re: 'exim', version '4.69', is out of date

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 13:17:17 -0800, Kevin Ross wrote:

>> > Is this outdated?
>> Well, yes.
>> As per Exim's site, the current verion is 4.71. And "4.69" is "minor"
>> than "4.71" :-)
> The version in Lenny is not 4.69, it's 4.69-9, which is different. 

I suppose the last digit "-9" indicates a minor change in the current 
main release available for Lenny "4.69".

> Also, the 4.69-9 version is not an official Exim version.  So comparing
> 4.69-9, which doesn't appear in Exim's official version list, with 4.71,
> doesn't make sense.  

Lenny 5.0.3 was released some months ago (Sep. 5th 2009) and Exim last 
update was on 23rd Nov., so please, do not pretend to say there is no 
newer version of Exim available because this is not true.

What people have to understand is that "newer versions" do not mean "more 
secure versions". People running Lenny will get *security patches* for 
their installed release (4.69-9), that is for sure. 

But they will not get *newer features* available in 4.71.

And some "bugs" were corrected in the newer version. People suffering 
them could be interested in updagrading, don't you think? :-)

> That will just generate noise, causing people to
> ignore the emails from rkhunter, which will then cause people to miss
> actually important messages.

People who install such programs should be interested in knowing what is 
going on upstream.

> I'd turn off that "feature" of rkhunter.

Well, sure your are not being bitten by any of the corrected bugs solved 
in the later release, so maybe you are not interested in that 

Other people could be interested about the bugs that has been already 
fixed. So disabling such alarms will depend on the user's specific needs.



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