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Re: 'exim', version '4.69', is out of date

On Tue December 8 2009, Camaleón wrote:
> I'd say you have installed an application (rkhunter?) to detect any
> possible hole in the system that is detecting outdated versions of the
> above services.
Yes, I use rkhunter, that was an rkhunter log message.

> For example, the latest available version for Exim is 4.71, but I suppose
> that having installed a previous version does not mean "per se" to be in
> risk.
I update my Debian Lenny system daily, and that is my issue. If 4.71 is 
available, why isn't it available to Lenny, or is this an rkhunter failing?

> Just follow the advice suggested by the program and take a look into "/
> var/log/rkhunter.log" to get more information (if any).

basically that's what the rkhunter log says, the packages are out of date. But 
they AREN'T out of date for lenny. SO, is this a Debian Lenny issue, of not 
updating to Exim 4.71, or an rkhunter issue for telling my that even though I 
can't update to  this version, I should beware?

Paul Cartwright
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