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Re: What can I run on Stable?

On Tue, Dec 01, 2009 at 12:25:36AM -0800, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> > > Gnome desktop (yes, I've tried all the others)
> > 
> > This works fine in Lenny.
> In discussing this at length on this list, the Fedora forums, and the OpenSuse
> forums, everyone wants me to file a bug report with Gnome. I'd be thrilled to
> do so, except that I know the response will be "unable to reproduce." The
> problem is that I cannot tell which if the literally hundreds of configuration
> changes and installed apps, and combinations thereof, caused the problem.
> However, I never had a problem with Gnome with any version of Ubuntu through
> Jaunty so, as long as Lenny comes with a version no later than Jaunty, I should
> be fine.

Well, that is the case in Lenny.

> > > OpenOffice.org (fixes bugs in the Math module)
> > 
> > It appears that Backports might help:
> > 
> > http://tuxarena.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-install-openoffice-31-in-debian.html
> It is not clear from that web site that it is possible to install on
> Lenny. On the other hand, I know there is a 64-bit deb file on the OOo web site
> that I can download. I could always wipe out the OOo that is installed by
> default with Lenny and then install the OOo version. The problem with this is
> that there are a lot of additional goodies that you don't get with the base
> installation.

Well, you really should search at least a bit. From here:


I conclude that the version of openoffice.org available from backports

1:3.1.1-1~bpo50+1 [backports]: amd64 i386

> > > Scribus (I need the features)
> > 
> > Even unstable has only; you might have to build this on your own.
> Over four years of Ubuntu I have never built a package on my own. I hope I can
> get instriuctions. And I dimly recall reading on the Scribus e-list that
> Scribus requires some odd, different utility to compile it. But I'm borrowing
> trouble. I should wait to complain after I have a problem.

Well, while it would be convenient to build a package, that was not
what I meant. Anyway, there's a development branch available, with
1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115-1 in Lenny and 1.3.5.dfsg+svn20091030-1 in

> > > Adobe Reader 9.1
> > 
> > Debian Multimedia seems to have only Acrobat 8.1, but I'd think you
> > can use Adobe's own distributed tarball/package?
> That is easier said than done. I know that 9.1 is in the Ubuntu medibuntu
> repos. Is it possible to add this repo?

Possibly, but I'd advise you not to add it. You could get the deb from
there and try it installing though.

> > I can sympathize with that; getting complex software, especially
> > non-free ones, to work the way you want is not a simple task. I hope
> > the information above is useful to you. Should you face any further
> > issues with Lenny, do come to this list; I am sure people will help
> > solve your problems to the best of their ability.
> When I was struggling with Testing, and later with Unstable, this list has been
> a godsend. Thanks for your input.
> It is late at night and my bedtime. Tomorrow morning I will have a better
> attitude. But I am considering that OpenSuse 11.1 is hopeless and needs to be
> replaced, I think my next stop will be Fedora 11. Fedora 12 was a mess only
> because it came with Gnome 2.8.0. Maybe Fedora 11 will work for me.
> If Fedora 11 can't get me a working desktop computer, my next stop will be
> Lenny. 

All the best!

The only "intuitive" interface is the nipple.  After that, it's all learned.
		-- Bruce Ediger, bediger@teal.csn.org, on X interfaces

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