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Re: What can I run on Stable?

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 08:23:56PM -0800, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> I absolutely require the following:
> Gnome desktop (yes, I've tried all the others)

This works fine in Lenny.

> OpenOffice.org (fixes bugs in the Math module)

It appears that Backports might help:


> Scribus (I need the features)

Even unstable has only; you might have to build this on your own.

> Adobe Reader 9.1

Debian Multimedia seems to have only Acrobat 8.1, but I'd think you
can use Adobe's own distributed tarball/package?

> Okular (any reasonably recent version)

Lenny has 0.7-2; in addition, if you want to grab the KDE 4.1 version
for Lenny, see http://kde4.debian.net/ (I don't seem to be able to
open it at the moment).

> praat (for speech analysis)

Lenny has 5.0.29+.

> support for my bluetooth mouse and headphones

This, I believe, might be a kernel issue. I'd recommend using an
up-to-date kernel with Lenny; that shouldn't be much of a problem with
Lenny backports.

> I come from Ubuntu, where all of the above can be installed without issue.
> However, Scribus does not play well with Ubuntu because the Ubuntu team has
> taken liberties with the Qt 4.5 libraries. The Scribus people recommend Debian,
> Fedora or OpenSuse.
> So here I am, considering Debian once again. 
> Can some kind user of Lenny tell me if the above apps can be installed so they
> actually work? Is anyone using a bluetooth mouse or headphones with Lenny?

My current machine does not have one, but I have installed Lenny for a
friend, for whom Bluetooth seems to play well; YMMV.

> I apologize for sounding negative. The past ten days have been majorly
> frustrating.

I can sympathize with that; getting complex software, especially
non-free ones, to work the way you want is not a simple task. I hope
the information above is useful to you. Should you face any further
issues with Lenny, do come to this list; I am sure people will help
solve your problems to the best of their ability.

I never thought that I'd see the day where Netscape is free software and
X11 is proprietary.  We live in interesting times.
		-- Matt Kimball <mkimball@xmission.com>

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