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Re: Flash plugin problem - cant click - amd64 unstable

On Sat, 28 Nov 2009 23:21:44 +0000, Cameron Hutchison wrote:

> Is anyone else having problems with the flash plugin
> (flashplugin-nonfree) on unstable on a 64-bit platform?

It runs fine (all the "fine" flashpayer can run) under Lenny.
> On some sites, the flash videos load but the plugin seems to ignore my
> mouse clicks so I can't start the video playing. This does not happen on
> all sites - snotr.com works ok, but the video on this page:
> http://www.heatbeads.com.au/bbq-tips/44-bbq-tips/149-how-to-light-weber-
> does not work. I cannot interact with the player at all. All my clicks
> are ignored. I can right click to get the context menu, but if I select
> "Settings..." I get a dialog that I cannot interact with.

That site is working here. The "play" button starts the movie.
> This started happening not so long ago (sometime in the last month I
> guess, but I dont use flash sites much so I dont know exactly).
> I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling flashplugin-nonfree but that
> made no difference.

Have you seen any warning message logged in the Iceweasel "console error" 
once you click in the play button? Maybe your problem comes from browser 
(and javacript), and not from flashplayer plugin itself.



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