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Re: Can several instances of Transmission "share" router ports?

Dne, 22. 10. 2009 20:04:03 je H.S. napisal(a):

> What exact model is your router? I might be possible to load an open
> source firmware(dd-wrt, openwrt, tomato(?), etc.) on it where this
> port
> forwarding limitation is not there. This would be, IMHO, the best
> solution.

Unfortunately, my router is a %&@!#*$@ Belkin, one of the most linux-
unfriendly brands I know of.

> Another option could be, if your router allows it, to forward a range
> of
> ports to an IP address (your users are on the same physical box), but
> configure each user to use a different port within that range. For
> example, if you have 10 users, forward 50,000~50,010 ports to your IP
> address, and configure user0 to use 50,000, user1 to use 50,001 and 
> so
> on.

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. That's exactly what I'll do, 


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