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Re: Can several instances of Transmission "share" router ports?

> can the *same* ports be "shared" among simultaneously running
> applications or not?

Depends on what you mean by "port" and by "shared".  But IIUC, in your
case you're talking about having several programs listening on the same
port number on the same machine on the same interface, so the answer
would be no.

> P.S. I'm talking of users which are set up on the *same* physical box, 
> of course (a Debian Lenny w/ Gnome desktop, on a 192.168.*.* home 
> network) and can actually all be logged in at the same time using 
> Gnome's "switch-user-without-logging-out" feature.

AFAIK if all those users configure their Transmission to use the same
ports, only the first Transmission will run, the other ones will fail
at startup.


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