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Laptop No Longer Boots Up - PCI Quirk

My Gateway MX6440 Laptop, which has Deabian 64 Bit loaded on it, will no longer successfully boot.  After selecting which kernel to boot (2.6.22-3 AMD64) at the GRUB menu, it begins the usual Linux bootup sequence, and then BAM!

PCI: MSI quirk detected. MSI deactivated

After that, nothing whatsoever (even let it sit overnight to see if it was just something that was taking a long time to get through).

I did the usual web search for the specific message, and came up with a lot of hits.  Unfortunately, most of those were just from within log files other people have posted for assorted other problems.  And the couple hits where someone else was having the same problem, presented no solution whatsoever.

Any tips on how to fix this and get this little beastie operational again?

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