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Re: virtualbox: Install from backup DVD HP Pavilion

Quoth Klistvud at 2009-10-17 22:19...
> Dne, 17. 10. 2009 11:58:41 je Mathieu Malaterre napisal(a):
>> This is *exactly* the hardware it was installed on.
> I'm afraid Virtualbox might be of a different opinion. IIRC Virtualbox 
> makes use of a "virtualized" hardware layer which is not identical to 
> the "bare metal" hardware you are talking about.

That's right.  VirtualBox, VMware (which I use) provide a virtual
machine - virtual hardware.  No matter what host platform you install
them on, the guest OS should always see the same virtual hardware

This is actually one of the benefits of using VMs.  You can create VMs
and swap them around between different hardware.  (OK, you need to check
that the mappings of virtual to physical network interfaces are all
correct, but otherwise easy.)

Virtualisation should not let your installation programme "see" the
underlying hardware at all - hence your problem.  Sorry.



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