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Re: virtualbox: Install from backup DVD HP Pavilion

Quoth Mathieu Malaterre at 2009-10-17 19:10...
>   I am trying to install a WinXP in my virtualbox from the backup DVD
> I made on my HP Pavilion just before installing Linux. Unfortunately
> quickly after booting fro, the 1st DVD it says:
> "Ce PC n'est pas pris en charge par les disques de réinstallation du
> système. Ces disques ne vous permettront pas de poursuivre la
> réinstallation du système"

System restore discs for laptops are *not* the same as XP installation
discs.  I believe that they will often work only with the hardware for
which they are supplied; they check to see if they are being installed
on the correct hardware and will stop if they are not.  This is the most
likely reason that I can think of that you cannot install onto VirtualBox.



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