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Re: tasksel problems

Quoth Matthew Smith at 2009-10-12 12:29...
> So, how do I get the nice tasksel menu (with all the options) that I get
> when booted from netinst?  (I won't even ask why the mirrors won't work
> when they did 5 days ago when I did the original install.)

Not exactly answering my own question, just doing a follow-up FYI:

Apart from the painful slowness of setting up with LVM+encryption, too
many things weren't behaving as I wanted.  I've wiped the disc yet again
and have started doing a standard installation from scratch.

The issue I was having with the mirrors turned out to be two issues:

1) The DNS relay on my router was playing up, so it wasn't resolving the
listed mirrors.

2) My ftp mirror (mirror.internode.on.net - only available to
subscribers) was not accepted by the installation programme.  I have a
nasty suspicion that it was trying to connect with http rather than ftp.
 Adding the ftp:// scheme didn't help.  It's sad that I can't use this
server because it is only a couple of network hops away and - better
still - is unmetered for me.

It would be really nice if the installer (we're talking netinst here)
asked if I want to set up the network using DHCP or not.  DHCP here is a
pain and a last resort.  I've now found the best thing to do if one does
NOT want DHCP configuration when it's available is to pull out the
network cable until it allows you to do manual configuration.  (I have
now done this and things are proceeding smoothly.)


* Netinst appears to have issues with manual mirror selection when there
is no ftp at the start of the host name of ftp servers.

* Netinst should give the option for manual network configuration
WITHOUT having to pull the cable. If there is such an option, it's

* LVM+crypt is a pain and makes me question whether it is ready, as it
is, for prime-time.  I have decided instead just to try really hard not
to get my laptop stolen.  To do this, I will rely on my PacSafe
armoured, anti-theft case and some common sense ;-)

* My question regarding getting tasksel going post-install remains
unanswered, but is now irrelevant for me, although others might benefit
from this knowledge.

* To pick up on another current topic, debian-user is probably the most
friendly and informative list I've encountered in recent years - and
long may it continue.  Recent troll behaviour from one person is very
much atypical of my experiences here. So there.



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