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Re: Need advice from experts in complex multi-boot setups.

>>>> I purchased an Iomega mobile HDD 250GB and am planning
>>>> to install on it several OSs: MacOSX 10.5.8 (Hackintosh),
>>>> Solaris10, OpenSolaris, Debian, OpenSuse, Fedora, BSDs
>>>> (FreeBSD and OpenBSD). The computer is a Dell netbook
>>>> Mini9 which supports all these operative systems very well
>>>>(with the Solaris family only the Wifi driver does not
>>>> exist natively,and needs a driver designed for Windows).
>>>> I need some advice about the right strategy to follow,
>>>> especially about:

>>>> 1) For what OSs use primary partitions or logical partitions.

>> The Linuxes can boot from logical partitions.

>> Never tried to boot the Solarises from anything other than primary
>> partitions; sorry.

>> Never used Hackintosh or the other BSDs.

>>>> 2) Different swap partitions for different OSs?

>> The Linuxes and Solarises can share a swap partition.

>> A former colleague once claimed that Linux could use a FreeBSD swap
>> slice as a Linux swap partition (but not the other way around). He was
>> very knowledgeable so I assume that it is possible.

>> OS X uses swap files in its /var/vm directory, so Hackintosh probably
>> does too and therefore must not need a swap partition.

>>> Please tell us how you can manage to boot Leopard (OS X
>>> 10.5) on a Dell Netbook.

>> OS X has been hacked to boot on non-Apple hardware (and installers
>> have been posted online); probably using the fact that OS X is based
>> on Mach/FreeBSD. Technically interesting but morally...

> AFAIK at least for Linux you need 1 primary partition of small size (200MB
> is nearly too big) which contains /boot if you want to use LVM.

I would ditch the default LVM setup (in Fedora for example) in order
to free up primary partitions, should the BSDs and/or Solarises need

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