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[SOLVED] Re: Downgrade libxi6 -- HowTo? (Bug 515734)

Dne, 29. 09. 2009 16:38:40 je Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. napisal(a):
> What version of Debian are you running?  If you are as "noob" as you
> say, you 
> should be running Lenny.  Until you are more comfortable with
> administering a 
> Debian machine, running anything else is asking for trouble.
> -- 
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Of course I'm running Lenny. On both my computers.

Anyway, I thought maybe somebody with similar issues might be 
interested in my adventures: 
the wrong keymap turned out not to be libxi6-related after all. 
In fact, the 
libxi6 bug, dating from Feb-Mar 2009, had already been taken care of in 
Lenny, which comes with a newer libxi6 version.

Just to cover all the bases, I nevertheless installed an 
older version of the 
libxi6 library from the debian snapshots. Which of course didn't solve 
anything. Now, while debugging the mess, copying .gconf directories 
across accounts, creating test accounts etc., I discovered that the 
issue only appeared on my kids' accounts. Now, I've configured those 
with zero-
length passwords in order to let them log into Gnome easily. Yes, oddly 
enough, *only GDM and the passwordless Gnome accounts* had the wrong 
settings! Even if I changed their Gnome keymap settings, they 
would not retain them across logins, but would regularly revert to the 
US keymap upon logging out. Now, nothing of the kind happened with my 
main account which has a regular password.

To make a long story short, it turned out that a single missing line in 
xorg.conf (written by the proprietary nvidia driver 
package) was the culprit. When I added
Option "XkbLayout" "si"
to xorg.conf, things finally got humming, just like Debian stable is 
supposed to. What's curious, though, is the fact that this missing line 
exclusively affected GDM and the passwordless accounts in Gnome!

Luckily, I'm running the exact same OS on my laptop, so it wasn't that 
difficult to figure out what was wrong just by comparing config files 
on both systems.

Last but not least, a big thanx to Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. and Johan 
Kullstam for their invaluable advice!

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