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Need advice from experts in complex multi-boot setups.

The case: I purchased an Iomega mobile HDD 250GB and am planning to install on it several OSs: MacOSX 10.5.8(Hackintosh),Solaris10,OpenSolaris,
Debian,OpenSuse,Fedora,BSDs(FreeBSD and OpenBSD).The computer is a Dell netbook Mini9 which supports all these operative systems very well(with the
Solaris family only the Wifi driver does not exist natively,and needs a
driver designed for Windows).

So I need some advice about the right strategy to follow,specially about:

1)For what OSs use primary partitions or logical partitions.

2)Different swap partitions for different OSs?

3)Can GRUB handle booting all these OSs?Needs special configuration?



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