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Customizing WINGs

Has anyone ever been able to successfully change the welcome text on the
Wings Display Manager?  I need to change it to instruct the user to
either press CTRL-ALT F8 to log in to a remote system, CTRL-ALT-F1 to
log into a command prompt, or otherwise enter username and password to
log in locally.

I first attempted this with XDM, but for some insane reason, XDM does
not recognize newline characters, so it was all one long string across
the screen.

I was hoping WDM would be more capable here, but it is proving even more
frustrating.  I went into /etc/X11/wdm/Xresources and edited
xlogin*greeting with my custom text, then restarted wdm, but the prompt
was not changed.  And to top it off.  What else do I need to alter to
fix this?

Oh, and putting the instructions in a jpg file and setting that jpg as
the background did not work either.  Everything is remaining at the

According to the manpage for wdm, it should be possible to alter xsetup
to change the background, but the instructions seemed completely

>From the manpage...

Background Image Specification
There are several possible ways of specifing a background image. The
generic format is type:image. type can be any of:

    The backgound is not set. 
    it renders a solid backgroud, and image is a color name 
hgradient, vgradient, dgradient
    a gradient (either horizontal, vertical or diagonal) will be
rendered. image is comma separated of color names, and any number of
colors can be specified. 
    a pixmap will be used for the background. image is the full path to
an image file (tiff, png, jpeg and xpm allowed) and it will be scaled to
use the full screen.

So, how do you actually state this option?  is it just a simple
pixmap:image inserted into XSetup?

I tried that and then went into wdm-config to make
DisplayManager*wdmLogo: point to the background image I wanted to use,
but still nothing was changed.

Does anyone out there have any actual useful instructions on how to
actually configure wdm?  All the searches I have done just ended up with
tons of identical results (blindly parroting the manpage instead of
providing any useful information).

I know these objectives can be achieved via GDM, but that is out of the
question.  This is for a thin client build I am putting together, and I
definitely do not need GDM's bloat here.

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