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Re: bi-directional file-synchronization tool

On Fri, 18 Sep 2009 08:03:47 +0200, Emanoil Kotsev wrote:

>> This is mainly use to synchronize files and directories between my
>> notebook and desktop (at home and at work). Any good recommendation?
>> . . .
> Hi, so far I have not found any nice and useful software that can do
> this (I mean with gui and so on)
> The mentioned unison program failed the tests. May be rsync but not sure
> it didn't do the things I wanted and I wanted to do it the way you can
> do it in i.e. windows with some commercial software.
> I was also thinking unison is just the right thing, but then I noticed
> it's not really syncing like it should and leading to inconsistency.

Thanks for your feedback, Emanoil. Could you elaborate more? unison 
"looks" promising to me, and I've just learned that there are no ocaml 
runtime dependency for it on i386, amd64. So usability is the most 
important issue to me now. Anyone has positive experience with unison?


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