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Re: udev won't let me change my network interface?

Andrei Popescu wrote:

> On Tue,01.Sep.09, 08:07:00, C. G. Montgomery wrote:
> [big snip]
> Let's see if I got it right. You have:
> - 1 DSL modem/router/whatever with 1 ethernet port
> - a Debian computer with 1 (one) ethernet card/port
> - a cable connecting the modem and the computer via the respective ports

> Why do you want to put you configuration under eth1 if it's the *same*
> card/port? I'm asking because eth1 should be the name of the *second*
> ethernet card/port, should you ever have one.

A moral imperative?  ;-)
I thought one purpose of udev was to make it possible to use interface 
names like "HereAtHome" or "Lucille".  ;-)

(As I will post separately, I have things working now.)
Thanks for your comments.

regards   cgm

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