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PowerBook 12"

I would like to install Ubuntu 9.04 PowerPC on my PowerBook 12" with no working CD drive. I have copied the 4 files into the root directory (just the top level of my Macintosh HD, right)? I also extract the .iso file and copy its contents into my root directory (otherwise, yaboot launches and says "unknown or corrupt filesystem"). From OpenFirmware, into yaboot, the "install" command does nothing, so I type "live" in, which initializes an installer, which restarts the computer, at which point on the top of the screen there is a dash-like cursor, and it just freezes there. Then I have to restart.

I would really like to start using Linux - I have it already as a VM on my Intel Mac Book Pro, and I think it will make my 12" PowerBook very useful. Is there anything someone from your Debian group could tell me to help? Thanks a lot.

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