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Re: Recommended Audio CD player?

Chris Jones wrote:
On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 12:34:07PM EDT, AG wrote:

unable to read any CD in the SATA drive.  KSCD has become hug and
ugly and also doesn't play the CD although can recognise the tracks.
You want the cdtool package, per "apt-cache show", size = 62122 (lenny).


Seriously I'd be curious to know whether it supports your SATA drive.


Hi Chris

Thanks for your suggestion.

I downloaded and installed cdtool and ran cdplay [01] which yielded

cdplay: ioctl subchnl: unknown status: subchnl=0xa

I had wanted to use a GUI rather than a CLI tool, but am happy to try this out as a test of the drive itself.



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