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Re: Recommended Audio CD player?

Alan Greenberger wrote:
unable to read any CD in the SATA drive.  KSCD has become hug and ugly 
and also doesn't play the CD although can recognise the tracks.

kscd / Extras / Configure KsCD / Use direct digital playback
                                 presumably: alsa


Ta for the tip.  When I call up KsCD I only have configure which then only gives "general" and "appearance".  General is unhelpful - simply gives me the option of ejecting the CD when it is finished and appearance is simply that ... configure the appareance.

As regards KsCD, what I meant by huge is the GUI is so ugly (called melon or something?) and I'll be a monkey's if I can figure out a different GUI for it.  I liked the old, smaller GUI before KDE did their overhaul with the 4.* version.  I see in the KsCD help file it discusses all of these options (such as "extras") but my GUI doesn't show these at all.

Any idea on how this can be rectified?  I've searched out config files, but can't see anything connected to this.

I'm using an up-to-date Squeeze.



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