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Re: No sound on fresh 5.01

On Wed,20.May.09, 00:14:25, Sthu Deus wrote:
> Thank You for Your time and answer, Andrei:
> > Maybe the sound is not where you expect it, because according to your 
> > lspci you have two cards. Did you try connecting the
> > speakers/headphones to the other card?
> I'm sorry to say that the mistake was foolish - the phones were
> connected not to sound-now-playing card...
> But, with this I want to ask how it can be redirected/shared between 2
> cards?

Interesting question. The easiest way is if one of the card has an 
unused output (ex. line-out and you use a dedicated headphones output) 
then you can connect it to the line-in of the other card.

In software it *might* be possible with a custom asoundrc and almost 
sure with a sound server like pulseaudio or jack, but I wouldn't know 

Maybe you should start a new thread, or at least change the subject.

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