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Hardware diagnostics


I have a Debian Etch installation that's beoming increasingly
unstable.  It periodically freezes up, with nothing in the logs until
it is rebooted.  I suspect a hardware problem, and would like to
identify it or rule it out before doing an upgrade to Lenny.

Can anybody recommend a good hardware diagnostic or "burn-in" program?
I have used memtest86 and will try that, but ideally I'd like to
stress test more of the system than just the memory.  Something that
can run on Debian Etch while the machine is live is ideal, or
something that can be run from a boot CD.  Free is preferred (of
course), but any suggestions are welcome.

Also, if anybody has a suggestion of what might fix an Etch system
that's freezing up periodically with nothing in the logs, those
suggestions are welcome too.  :-)



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