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Re: Unexplained changes in Gnome functionality

On Wed, 2009-05-13 at 19:56 +0100, AG wrote:
> The commented line is one of the suggestions Gav made yesterday, so I 
> tried it, but realised I didn't like the placement.  But otherwise I'd 
> say that there is a pretty decent consistency between our respective 
> Conky(ies?) files.

You might look at the effect of 'own_window_type' -- I have "normal,"
you have "override."  Since I've only been playing around with conky for
a very short time, I haven't looked into what all the options for the
various settings mean, or what effect they're supposed to have.  Gav,
IIRC, mentioned that he had to change 'own_window_type' from "root" to
"normal" when he switched from Fluxbox to GNOME.

> It may well be a case of systematically commenting out suspect lines 
> until something works.  It may just be a Nautilus issue.  I'll post back 
> later with any discoveries.

You might also consider (if you haven't done this already -- apologies
if you have) just copying over the sample
from /usr/share/doc/conky/examples and starting with that, just to see
if the magic combination of configuration options is buried within.  If
it is, that would at least give you a .conkyrc that doesn't exhibit the
behavior you're trying to tease out.

> Who knows, when I go back perhaps the other problem to do with the mouse 
> and accessing properties of files via > right click > open properties 
> may also be fixed too.  Perhaps Nautilus is volatile at present.

Nautilus is moving to volatile?  Whoa ... big changes coming in
Squeeze!  :-)

I am figuring on reinstalling Debian to switch from i686 to amd64 and
was pondering whether this would be the time to upgrade to Squeeze.  But
seeing all the problems Squeeze and Sid users are having lately -- at
least, or especially, GNOME users -- I think I'll stick with Lenny for
the time being.

Michael M.

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