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Re: Unexplained changes in Gnome functionality

Andrew G wrote: 

> Hi list
> Of late, Gnome has been behaving in unpredictable ways.  I am using
> testing/Squeeze and sometime over the last few weeks, a number of changes
> have taken place that I am unable to reverse, and I would really appreciate
> a bit of help from this list if that is not too much trouble.
> In no order of priority:
> 1) When I right-click on an image file in my home directory in order to
> access the properties of that image to add notes to it, the whole set of
> desktop icons, including my home directory and Conky all disappear for a few
> seconds and then re-appear (except when it does, Conky has been killed).
> This happens all the time now and so on the multiple images I have which I
> need to work with, I cannot access any of the notes pertaining to those
> images because (a) to be able to do so seems to be specifically a Nautillus
> or is it Metacity (?) functionality and unless I am in Gnome this function
> doesn't even exist, and (b) there is no way that I can access the notes if
> the system keeps throwing a wobbly like that.

This part I didn't really understand, sorry. Is this just Conky acting up? 
> 2) When double-clicking on an image file, EOG is opened as the default image
> viewer.  It used to be, and I would prefer, GQView.  However, I cannot see
> anywhere in Gnome to set this as the default behaviour so I have to right
> click and select GQView from the "open with" option.  Not my preferred
> action, but as I said, there isn't any (obvious) way around this.

For any file, right click, go to properies, go to the 'open with' tab.

> 3) Despite setting up a script to be called when Gnome starts up, Conky
> appears briefly and then is replaced/ over-written by the desktop image.  I
> have set the script to sleep for about 10 seconds before being drawn, but
> this just doesn't happen.  I can only get Conky going if I manually call
> it.  Again, not a big issue, just a PITA really.
> 4) Finally, icons from removable media are not being placed on my desktop
> like they used to.  This may well have something to do with UDEV, but beyond
> that I haven't a clue on what's up nor - even more critically - what I can
> do about it.

I don't like desktop icons anyway, but I know what you mean. I am no expert,
but what I've observed seems to be that this happens whenever there is an
update that has anything to do with HAL or UDEV, and the only thing that I've
found that puts everything back in order is to reboot the system. Otherwise,
drives are not mounted automatically, and so I need to mount them manually
(right click in Nautilus, choose 'mount').

Keep in mind that Testing is going to be pretty volatile for the next while,
there are going to be hiccups.

> I've asked this list for help before on a couple of these issues and the
> response has been - with the exception of one kind soul who did respond -
> crap.  I don't know if there is a secret code or something that I am
> supposed to be using to get some response?  I am using a Debian system, the
> Debian community is supposed to be helpful, I am asking questions politely
> and giving as much info as possible.  I have tried to help myself through
> using Google, but in many instances if one doesn't know what one is looking
> for, it becomes very hard to find an answer.

I know what you mean, but in the end this is absolutlely free support from
people who do have other lives. I have learned that the quality and accuracy of
the question I ask is incredibly important.

This guy can come off as a bit of dick, so please don't think that I feel the
same way about everything, but he has some good points to make:


> So, if some generous person on these Debian lists could lend me the benefit
> of their experience and knowledge, that would be immense benefit and I would
> be grateful.


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