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Re: Unexplained changes in Gnome functionality

Michael M. Moore wrote:
On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 16:21 +0200, Klistvud wrote:

As opposed to KDE, Conky is a full-blown PITA to configure in Gnome.

Funny, I just installed conky and it works fine (using GNOME/Metacity on
Debian Lenny).  I haven't rebooted or logged out of GNOME since I did
it, so maybe the problems you describe will surface when I try that.

The default .conkyrc was setup like so (and I'm pretty sure I didn't
change any of these, except to comment out the "own_window_colour"

# Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)
own_window yes

# If own_window is yes, you may use type normal, desktop or override
own_window_type normal

# Use pseudo transparency with own_window?
own_window_transparent yes

# If own_window_transparent is set to no, you can set the background
colour here
#own_window_colour hotpink

# If own_window is yes, these window manager hints may be used
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

# Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)
double_buffer yes

The window appears transparent, with no title bar or window decorations.


The problems I describe are only manifest at login. I can manually start conky at a terminal just fine.

My conkyrc is given below for reference:

   alignment top_left
   background yes
   border_width 1
   cpu_avg_samples 2
   default_color white
   default_outline_color white
   default_shade_color white
   draw_borders no
   draw_graph_borders yes
   draw_outline no
   draw_shades no
   use_xft yes
   xftfont 123:size=6
   gap_x 5
   gap_y 60
   minimum_size 250 5
   maximum_width 500
   net_avg_samples 2
   double_buffer yes
   out_to_console no
   own_window yes
   # own_window_hints undecorated,below,skip_taskbar
   own_window_transparent yes
   own_window_class Conky
   own_window_type override
   stippled_borders 0
   update_interval 3.0
   uppercase no
   use_spacer left
   show_graph_scale no
   show_graph_range no

The commented line is one of the suggestions Gav made yesterday, so I tried it, but realised I didn't like the placement. But otherwise I'd say that there is a pretty decent consistency between our respective Conky(ies?) files.

Klistvud wrote:
Dne, 11. 05. 2009 16:21:05 je Klistvud napisal(a):
Just an update: if you don't want conky to just "briefly appear after startup and then disappear forever", you should launch it with a line such as:

bash -c "sleep 10; conky -c .my-conky-config-file"

In other words, conky MUST be started AFTER Nautilus, otherwise it will just get obscured/overdrawn by Nautilus.

Good Luck.

Thanks Klistvud

I had used the session manager to start a new login by calling a script I had written which included the sleep option. I'm currently using Xfce4 right now and that actually fired Conky right up (!) and doesn't do any of the issues I reported from Gnome. Gnome feels like an old shoe really, so I wouldn't mind trying out your suggestion at the start up, rather than calling a script to call Conky, to see if I can get it sorted.

It may well be a case of systematically commenting out suspect lines until something works. It may just be a Nautilus issue. I'll post back later with any discoveries. Who knows, when I go back perhaps the other problem to do with the mouse and accessing properties of files via > right click > open properties may also be fixed too. Perhaps Nautilus is volatile at present.


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