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Re: Unexplained changes in Gnome functionality

Dne, 11. 05. 2009 11:04:47 je Andrew G napisal(a):

> 1) When I right-click on an image file in my home directory in order
> to
> access the properties of that image to add notes to it, the whole set
> of
> desktop icons, including my home directory and Conky all disappear 
> for
> a few
> seconds and then re-appear (except when it does, Conky has been
> killed).

As opposed to KDE, Conky is a full-blown PITA to configure in Gnome. 
It's apparently due to the different mechanism used to draw the desktop 
background by these two desktop environments. This is especially 
obvious when you try to get Conky display as a "transparent", 
"backdrop" window, blending nicely into the background wallpaper. I 
know, I've been using Conky both on KDE4.x (a 
sorry excuse for a 
DE, but Conky works a treat) and Gnome (never got Conky to work except 
a stand-alone window with title bar and all - which has never been what 
I wanted it for). Maybe that's the reason why many Gnomists use gkrellm 
> 2) When double-clicking on an image file, EOG is opened as the 
> default
> image
> viewer.

Isn't there an option/checkbox to "always open with" when you select 
"Open with?" If so, you may be lucky digging through the settings in 
Gnome configuration manager (or what the heck it's called), you know, 
the program that manipulates the Gnome "registry".

> 3) Despite setting up a script to be called when Gnome starts up,
> Conky
> appears briefly and then is replaced/ over-written by the desktop
> image.

This is a corollary of point 1) actually.

> 4) Finally, icons from removable media are not being placed on my
> desktop
> like they used to. 

Have already seen the same exact complaint (on this very same list if 
I'm not mistaken), but can't really say anything, as it has never 
happened to me (yet...)

> I don't know if there is a secret code or something that I am
> supposed to be using to get some response?  I am using a Debian
> system, the
> Debian community is supposed to be helpful, I am asking questions
> politely
> and giving as much info as possible.

I get the exact same feeling sometimes. It would seem we're both 
missing something here. Yes, it may well be a secret code. Sheer, 
untainted love for the distro apparently just isn't enough. It's also 
been said "thou shalt never post during a weekend/holiday". Most Debian 
gurus are not at their (work) computers then.

But other times, I get more answers than I'd ever hoped for, and very 
pertinent, knowledgeable answers at that! So I'd say you can't really 

Good luck in solving your issues, and may a God, a Guru or a 
debian update solve them for you very soon!

Certifiable Loonix User 481801

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