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Re: Current WM - Lenny

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On 05/12/09 09:11, Miguel Obliviemo wrote:
> On Tue, 12 May 2009, Harry Rickards wrote:
>> On 12 May 2009, at 08:02, Miguel Obliviemo <miggle@view.net.au> wrote:
>>> What is Lenny's default window manager?
>>> How do I configure gdm to use a different one?
>> I may be completely wrong here, but I *think* it's xfce4. To change
> I wanted to know that so I could kill it in an xterm and run another,
> but that wouldn't be a permanent setup, the normal way of starting a
> WM.
>> it, install a new one (e.g # aptitude install openbox), and when you
>> login choose it from Options > Sessions. You'll then be asked if you
>> wish to make whatever
> Okay, but I'm a slow learner. I guess you mean ... > Options >
> Sessions.  My top-level menus are Applications, Places, System.  So
> maybe ... is one of them, but I don't seem to be able to find Options
> under any of them.
> Regards...
Sorry, I mean in GDM when you login (enter username and password), and
it's actually just Sessions not Options > Sessions (thanks Andrei Popescu).

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Many thanks
Harry Rickards

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