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Re: Graphics 1920x1440, monitor 1680x1050, nv 1280x1024.

On 2009/05/05 10:54 (GMT+0100) Nuno Magalhães composed:

> Does the monitor have some BIOS of its own? The panel size is
> obviously wrong, but it seems as though nv won't be able to change
> that...
> If 1280x1024 is all nv can do, i'll keep using it (in full mode, not
> 4:3) and i guess that wraps it up as far as having nv to fallback to.
> Which list can i pester about this? I tried X's but couldn't even
> subscribe.

I know nv can run 1920x1200, because I did it a year ago with a GeForce 6200
[1]. Thus, I cannot imagine it incapable of running the more common
1680x1050. Maybe you need to put a DisplaySize line in xorg.conf to get the
right size?

[1] http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127317
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