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Re: hdv camcorder (hv20) to dvd

2009/5/5 Dave Thayer <debian0912423.dmthayer@recursor.net>:
> On Mon, May 04, 2009 at 11:40:39PM +0200, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
>> I have grabbed some .m2t clips from a hv20 camcorder. I'd like to put
>> them toghether (no editing right now) and save the whole file in a dvd
>> video.
>> I'd like to:
>> 1. join the m2t files (17GB total)
>> 2. encode them with the right tool to fit in a dvd
>> 3. author a dvd video
>> How would you proceed?
> Kdenlive will handle .m2t directly, but you need a fairly beefy CPU to
> handle the high def. My system grinds to a halt. Not fun.
I know. I've been using it and I really like it but as I said before I
don't need
to edit this footage, just join all the clips and put them on dvd with minimum
quality loss.
I've been reading that:
I'll try that or avidemux+devede.
> What I ended up doing for a smallish DVD job was to grab a copy of
> hdffxvrt from <http://code.google.com/p/hdffxvrt/>, change the default
> resolution (MACRO_SIZE_MEDIUM) to 720x480 for NTSC DVDs, and then
> pre-converted my M2Ts to mjpej for editing. This can be done in the
> background while I do something else.
That's a tool my wife definitely need to finally use these m2t in stupid
imovie (no m2t files?! com'on!)

I'll just try to use them directly in devede or tovid.

Leonardo Canducci

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