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Re: xorg upgrade in Sid causes jerky display

On 10 Apr 2009, Kelly Clowers wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 14:21, Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> wrote:
> > After today's upgrade of a lot of xorg stuff in Sid my full-screen
> > display of TV is jerky, as is Googlearth.
> >
> > This is on a Thinkpad Z61M. I was using the radeonhd driver previously;
> > I now have the upgraded radeon driver since radeonhd was removed. I
> > don't know what to report a bug report for - the radeon driver or
> > xserver-xorg. Anyone else seeing this?
> I see RadeonHD in my sid repos, but if you are using radeon now
> I guess you might as well report it in that driver. But before you do
> that, have you tried some of the various tweaks? I don't know which
> ones are currently relevant (I am on Intel now), but there used to be
> lots, from specifying exa or xaa to things like nooffscreenpixmaps.

Yes, radeonhd is back now but using it doesn't help. I tried various
options without improvement. I notice that DRI is enabled and I thought
that might be the problem, but for some reason it is impossible to turn
it off - Option "DRI" "false" does nothing. There are also some odd
keyboard effects now - I can no longer stop X with Ctrl-Alt-Del.

This is with an ATI Mobility X1400, incidentally.


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