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Re: xorg upgrade in Sid causes jerky display

On Sat,11.Apr.09, 09:03:59, Anthony Campbell wrote:

> Yes, radeonhd is back now but using it doesn't help. I tried various
> options without improvement. I notice that DRI is enabled and I thought
> that might be the problem, but for some reason it is impossible to turn
> it off - Option "DRI" "false" does nothing. There are also some odd

Hope this helps:

,----[ xserver-xorg-core/NEWS.Debian.gz ]
|   * This server update includes a patch to enable proper module defaults in
|     the server. A default set of modules will be loaded unless you
|     specifically specify that they don't load. You may do this in the module
|     section of your xorg.conf using the "Disable" instruction. Note that
|     this will only override the default, not an explicit "Load".

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