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Re: install daemon without starting it

On Thu, Apr 02 2009, Dave Ewart wrote:

> On Thursday, 02.04.2009 at 10:12 -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> > At the risk of starting a holy war, and kind of highjaking,
>> > shouldn't Debian *not* start just-installed daemons by default? Or
>> > at least ask while installing if such daemon is to be started
>> > automatically (like sshd does, i think)?
>>  The argument is that if the user did not want the daemon started,
>>  they would not have installed the package. And while there can be a
>>  debconf question about it starting, the questions should be of low
>>  priority (I insatlled the package, didn't I? why ask me over and over
>>  whether I really really want it running?), and the default should be
>>  yes.
> It's not always clear.  Sometimes, you don't know until
> post-installation that a package includes a daemon at all.

        Hmm. Then the description might be seen to be lacking. Please
 file a wishlist bug, with your suggestions. In any case, if the
 maintainer thinks most people want to run the daemon, and you are in a
 minority, you will have to arange for the daemon not to be started.

>>  This is why Debian has debconf -- so that any critical configuration
>>  should be done at install, and there should be reasonable,
>>  non-obnoxious defaults set by the package anyway.
> Well, that's also unclear.  Running a daemon with defaults is not always
> desired, and may in fact cause problems.

        Sure. But your opinion might not be the  majority opinion. Can't
 please everyone. 

> I must admit that I like the OpenBSD approach here.  Installing a
> package just installs the binaries.  At the end of the installation, it
> says something like:
>    To make the daemon start at each boot, add the following to
>    /etc/rc.local:
>    if [ -x /usr/local/sbin/somedaemon ]; then
>          /usr/local/sbin/somedaemon
>    fi
> This may be a less convenient approach, but it does meet the criterion
> of Least Surprise: a daemon won't be started automatically before you
> have a chance to configure it, for example.

        I would be very surprised if I installed a package and it was not
 immediately functional, and left me with obscure, unguided
 configuration to do. I expect Debian packages to ship daemons with sane
 defaults, and for the daemons to work.

        If I wanted *BSD, I know where to find them.

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